Raahe Glory for SC Muden Pallo

SC Muden Pallo can now serve food in coming sauna evenings from a silver plate, as few-numbered team with some ex Muden Pallo stars took first place and shiny first price plate wearing Mude's jerseys in Kinkunsulatteluturnaus in Raahe 26.12.

Full day 20 team tournament, 5 groups and over 30 matches, was surprisingly tough and gave some highly entertaining matches for fans to watch.

SC Muden Pallo took full 2 points in first match against Rintamakarkurit, as pale-faced right wing Juha-Matti Nuolioja scored his second goal of the game just 3 seconds remaining of the game. Beautiful pass from ex-MuPa star Jussi Tilus from free shot, and Nuolioja finished game winning 3-2 goal with calmness.

Second match was hard and tough, as referees allowed both teams to play using more power than pure sense. Final score 1-1 was propably the right result from the match, but MuPa lost also more than just one point, as star center Antti Jussila suffered stained knee in early minutes of the match after some skillful manouvers in the opponents end. That left MuPa-team to play rest of the tournament with only 3 forwards and 3 defenders.

"I just fell on my knee and felt the pain," said disappointed center," I knew after some steps after injury that my tournament was over. I just had to concentrate on coaching and let guys do the job."

As A.Jussila took responsibility of coaching and especially changing defenders, next match was again quite astonishing, as MuPa blew out 3 goal lead against D-Team. Fortunately 4-4 tie was enough to take black and red suited team to semifinals.

In the semi's, MuPa was better team, and clearly dominated the rink. 4-1 victory, with some great saves from Ilmari, the youngest of the Hannula trio, took MuPa into final against Tuska, which included players like Tommi Ahola (HIFK), Mikko Hernetkoski (OLS) and also players from OLS youth team.

Final was actually tough, but mostly tactical match, as MuPa defended with remaining men, as Tuska controlled the ball most of the time. In the middle of the match Tuska took the lead, as poor marking of men in MuPa defence allowed Tuska forward easy tap in from one-timer. After that, Ilmari Hannula with defence, including two more Hannula brothers, Oskari and Samuli, and big and scary current MuPa defender Jaakko Mehtälä, stoned all Tuska's attemps in the front of the MuPa goal.

With 5 minutes remaining of 20 minute final, Jussi Tilus outshadowed Tommi Ahola in the middle of the rink and passed ball to younger Jussila, Mikko (O2 JKL), who shaked off his marker and after fast run from the right wing of the rink, scored from the cutest of angle in the roof of the net.

"It felt good, especially after Ahola had shoved some soft hands for me in the beginning of the match," said model looking spike-haired forward."Tilus gave me an excellent pass and I just had to finish it off."

After Jussila's game tying goal, both teams had their changes. Ilmari Hannula denied Tommi Ahola with astonishing save as he dived to his left and let opposing forward to shake his head from disappointment.

"I got great support from long haired guys in front of me. I haven't played so much lately, so this felt really good. I got some really nice saves during the whole tournament. I am not just a teenage dirt bag anymore", youngest Hannula laughed after the final.

Nuolioja and Jussila had some changes from passes of Tilus, and as Mehtälä and Hannula brothers gave support to Ilmari, it seemed that game was going into penalty shoot out.

But fortunately, in MuPa point of view, Nuolioja didn't agree. Forward, who showed some coordination in the early matches with his spin-o-rama, or screwdriver, as he called it, got nice pass from Tilus, and curved in the middle from right side of the rink, and fired low shot past Tuska´s goalkeeper only minute and a half remaining.

"I had changes earlier the game and I just couldn't get the ball in. Finally I got it, just in time," said Nuolioja.

With goal down, Tuska tried to get even with extra attacker, but Jussila got the ball only some seconds left and fed Tilus, who scored the last goal just 2 seconds before the end into empty net, and gave the 2 men MuPa bench something to shout about. And some celebrations for the whole team to do during the way back home.